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Jack  Kornfield

Jack Kornfield

Clinical psychologist, meditation instructor and author

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Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg

Co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society and magazine...

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Stephan Bodian

Stephan Bodian

Meditation teacher and author of Meditation for Dummies

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Let it flow, let it go


I do a little exercise sometimes where I imagine I'm blowing up a balloon with all the things that are stressing me at that moment. I close my eyes and with each breath I send another one of the stressful thoughts into the balloon. When I feel I've got them all out and filled up the balloon I imagine letting it go to—up, up and away. And then I breath a deep sigh of relief! It's not a meditation per se, but it can help.

Shared by wishuponastar on 4/3/08

Great idea, wishuponastar!

Sounds like a meditation to me. Not only that, by doing the breathing, the deeper the better, you are releasing tension in a good number of muscles in your body.

Keep on keeping on!!