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Meditation Defined


Beginning meditation requires nothing more than a willingness to try. Why not start today? If you’re wondering what meditation might look like, below is a simple routine:

Set an alarm clock for five minutes. Find a comfortable place to sit and try to slow your breathing. Relax your shoulders by raising them up to your ears then dropping them back down. Gently move your neck from side to side and let tension slip away. Begin to relax each muscle group in your body—your abdomen, your arms, your legs and your face. Gently shift your attention around your body. Place your hands on the part of your body where you feel the most relaxation.

You’ve just completed your first meditation! How was it? If your body feels relaxed and your mind clear, great. If you were distracted the entire time or don't feel any differently, that’s natural. As you learn more about meditating, you’ll become more comfortable with the process.

Posted: 6/22/24

Author: Julian Caden
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Hi I am very interseted in this but I have a huge problem and I dont think I am the only guy that does this.......I CANNOT stop my brain from just constantly running.it makes it impossible to sleep at night and it makes it too diffucult to meditate...but I cant be the only one...is there something I can do to stop the constant thinking??my doctor has had to give me prescription sleeping tablets to help me sleep,and I surely dont want to take any more medication so can you please help me get over this bump in the road? I cant wait to do this meditation thing I have friends that do this and they swear by it..and the only reason that I have'nt done it is just because of the constant thinking..........please help....Kevin



This seems cool, but I have one uncertainty-how do you relax the muscles? Just like the shoulders- contracting them first, and then letting go and relaxing? Or simply concentrate on the muscles until they relax?

Thank you,this is helpful:)