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Fishin' for Omega-3s

Fishin' for Omega-3s

Japanese men have similar rates of cholesterol, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes as we do, and they are more likely to smoke than we are. But somehow, they are less likely to be diagnosed with heart disease.

Smoking with little to no risk of heart attack or stroke—what’s going on here?

A new study found that men living in Japan had twice the level of omega-3 fatty acids in their bodies as men living in the United States. The study also showed that these men had less severe plaque buildup in their arteries, supporting the theory that a diet high in omega-3s will help prevent plaque buildup.

The Japanese diet is high in these healthy fats due to their high intake of fish. While the American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish a week (which the average American isn’t getting), the Japanese diet consists, on average, of three ounces of fish everyday. Omega-3s are found in fish like tuna, salmon and other fatty fish, or you can get it from fish oil or flaxseed supplements.

What are your tricks for sneaking some more omega-3s into your diet? Have you seen a change in your blood pressure or cholesterol? Share your success! [WebMD]

Posted: 7/29/08