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Dr. Marisa C. Weiss

Dr. Marisa C. Weiss

Oncologist, author and founder of Breastcancer.org

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Lillie Shockney

Lillie Shockney

Registered nurse, two-time breast cancer survivor and author

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Dr. Peter Pressman

Dr. Peter Pressman

Surgical oncologist and author

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Got A Tip?


Got a Tip?


when does the terrible fear of it coming back get at the least easier?

Shared by ecarter on 11/24/08

Hi, ecarter

My aunt has been in remission for a number of years now, thank goodness. In the beginning she was also very fearful but she found a good group of ladies to meet with every so often who helped her change her attitude. Being fearful is debilitating in itself.

It robs your body of the positive energy you need to heal and gain strength and the stress zaps your immune system.

Try to surround yourself with positive thoughts and people. Read uplifting literature, watch movies that are hopeful. The more you can do to infuse your body with positive and healing energies the better you will feel about your own journey.

Check out some of our experts, like Lillie Shockney who has written a number of books about being a breast cancer survivor:


Hi E. I have a friend who just recently started a cancer survivor group and remarkably he himself is struggling with cancer right now himself. He deals with it by helping others. His name is George and he mentioned he has a lovely woman in the group who is a breast cancer survivor and willing to help any woman needing some help or guidance. I can put you in touch with him if you'd like. Just email me and I will give you his number so you can call him today. Email me carlabeau@aol.com God Bless you!