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Dr. Marisa C. Weiss

Dr. Marisa C. Weiss

Oncologist, author and founder of Breastcancer.org

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Lillie Shockney

Lillie Shockney

Registered nurse, two-time breast cancer survivor and author

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Dr. Peter Pressman

Dr. Peter Pressman

Surgical oncologist and author

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Knowledge Is Power


The best thing you can do is to arm yourself with information from the most reliable sources. When educating yourself, know that advancements in breast cancer are being made at a rapid pace, and that a book put out just a couple of years ago could have outdated information. Cancer survivors who received treatment five years ago will also most likely have a very different experience than what you will.

Use hospital and cancer organization web sites that have been recently updated, such as Breastcancer.org and Hopkins Breast Center and buy physician-recommended books that have been published within the past year. Our suggestions include:

Choices in Breast Cancer Treatment, Kenneth D. Miller, Ed. A thorough guide to your options, presented by the Johns Hopkins Press. You'll hear from both specialists and survivors.

Five Lessons I Didn't Learn From Breast Cancer (and One That I Did), Shelley Lewis. An honest and irreverent look at what it's like when the treatment and healing process doesn't happen the way you think it's going to. Perfect for those who are a bit mysified by the "cancer community."

The Breast Cancer Survival Manual, Fourth Edition, by Dr. John Link. A step-by-step guide for someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

If you know a great web site or book, please share it here.

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Hello Ariane.
Thank you for being a great women.
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