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Got A Tip?


Got a Tip?


“This too shall pass....”

Often times there are life changes that impact us negatively, causing us great discomfort and/or grief. Sometimes we start to feel so depleted from hurdling the obstacles that life has thrown us, that instead of fighting or continuing to believe in a better day we choose to simply bow down to defeat. It is also possible to remain in a rut knowingly or unknowingly. However, the thing to remember in times like these is that “This too shall Pass”- an adapted folklore stemming from King Solomon and his wise men. This message emphasizes that everything that is of now, will wither away and become no more, hence, for this too shall pass. Meaning this time, space, place and moment as you know it is not eternal. You will move past your worries, doubts, fears and stresses in a matter of time.

So every time you feel down, every time you feel like giving up, the thing to hold on to is that “This too shall pass” and you must believe in your heart that you are mentally strong enough for any challenge brought your way. Know that your mental state can kill you or keep you alive in times of crises, so you must learn to embrace the positive and know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Everyday that you awake, you must take one step away from the negative and one step towards positive change. Whether that is trying a bit harder to think less of your impending situation and how it makes you feel, or just simply working past it and putting it in its lane…This too shall pass.

As you go into the New Year, take with you a new attitude. An attitude that is positive and directed towards positive change. Leave all of the negative emotions, energy and situations within your control behind in 2008. Take with you only a positive heart, mind and the notion that whatever strife comes your way…THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Be blessed in 2009 for it is your time to shine!!!! Happy Holidays!

Shared by lostinlove on 12/30/08

I have to admit, I used to despise this saying, as well as the one, "It is what it is." They seemed so passive to me! But now I realize, they don't imply that you should sit around and watch bad things happen to you without acting/reacting. Rather, you have to get through the tough times and you WILL.


That's definitely one of those sayings you can really hold onto and believe it ... cause it's true!

Thanks for that reminder.