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Getting Oganize


the article today about getting organized and uncuttering things was very good to read but i am a women that needs help to get motivated and to find time to do it plus i have a hard time doing things by myself. But when it comes to uncuttering and organizing my classsroom i am all there and i can spend hours there -- why is that ??

Shared by pammy54 on 5/18/08

I moved out of a small trailer into a small home i stared getting the junk i never use out first,packed for yard sale then unpacked boxes as i brought them in and placed in each room to make sure i wouldnt keep a pile of extra junk i dont use or need.

  • By Anonymous
  • on 5/26/08 12:43 AM EST

I agree with frankie's comment. I like to break down big projects into smaller ones either by times of 15 minutes like she suggested or by taking it down project by project such as hanging clothes up today and sorting a small pile of papers.


I think we are all more motivated to do things we find value in. Make a short list of why its important to get organized. Set aside a short amount of time each day -maybe 15 minutes-then take a look at what you've gotten done. Congratulate yourself and move on to something else. Pretty soon, you will expand that 15 minutes to a longer period of time because the more progress you see, the more motivated you will be to get it done and off your list of things to do.