"Congratulations on the web site and your life's work... you have a wonderful way about you and, obviously, make a huge difference in the lives of others." -Mike
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Katie Danziger

Katie Danziger

Mompreneur of nomiebaby.com

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Gerald Levin

Gerald Levin

Presiding director of Moonview Sanctuary and former CEO of...

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Gary King

Gary King

Speaker, author, life coach and mentor

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"A Change is Gonna Come"

Posted: 12/06/2007 05:02 PM EST more »


"A Change Would Do You Good"

Posted: 12/06/2007 05:06 PM EST more »


"Change Gonna Come"

Posted: 12/06/2007 05:12 PM EST more »



Posted: 12/06/2007 05:01 PM EST more »


"Everybody's Changing"

Posted: 12/06/2007 05:16 PM EST more »


"Feeling Good"

Posted: 12/06/2007 05:17 PM EST more »



Posted: 12/06/2007 05:08 PM EST more »