"I am very taken by Ariane's concept and the philosophy of the website. In any case, I just loved the idea and am glad to chance upon it while reading Oprah." -Marion
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Katie Danziger

Katie Danziger

Mompreneur of nomiebaby.com

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Gerald Levin

Gerald Levin

Presiding director of Moonview Sanctuary and former CEO of...

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Gary King

Gary King

Speaker, author, life coach and mentor

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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

After a year of disciplined study of the Tao, Dyer brings to his latest book the trusted wisdom and advice from one of the oldest guides for learning to live a life aligned with nature.
Posted: 12/06/2007 04:49 PM EST more »


Changes That Heal: How to Understand the Past to Ensure a Healthier Future

A major part of making transitions is realizing and understanding aspects of the past that have influenced your present state—to set you on the path toward spiritual and emotional growth.
Posted: 12/06/2007 04:45 PM EST more »


Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life: Getting to the Heart of Your Life's Mission

Adrienne’s workbook is geared toward guiding people to determine their mission and the steps necessary for making changes by realizing the power behind experienced coincidences.
Posted: 12/06/2007 04:07 PM EST more »


Life Changes: Using the Power of Change to Transform Your Life (Life Changes), by Jennifer Lewis-Hall

Take charge of just about any life change with this year-long journal that will guide you through a number of changes—from breaking down barriers to learning how to live and stick with changes.
Posted: 12/06/2007 04:51 PM EST more »


Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change

Business consultant Bridges has been the go-to guy for managing transitions within the business world. Bridges provides solid advice on how to minimize disruptions by using the necessary tools for coping with a changing workplace environment.
Posted: 12/06/2007 04:41 PM EST more »


Moving Through Life Transitions with Power and Purpose

When going through a major life transition, become empowered by honestly answering personal questions that delve into your inner self to discover the truth that lies beneath the surface—to guide you through the tough stuff.
Posted: 12/06/2007 04:49 PM EST more »


Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult Life

This classic book charts a roadmap of the changes everyone experiences from 18 to 50, and explains how any life crisis can be used as a chance for creative and significant change.
Posted: 02/06/2008 02:45 PM EST more »