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Question:I tend to get panic attacks, what can I do to prevent it?

I usually get them right before I go to sleep. Then at times when I wake up I tend to be depressed. but I must admitt that I am afraid of falling asleep cause i'm afraid of not waking up. Please help me.

Asked by Sirena321 on 8/28/08 4 Answers»


If you're looking for something you can do when you feel like a panic attack is coming on, you can try EFT, emotional freedom technique. It's a technique that is really simple and you can do it yourself. By using your fingers to tap on certain meridian points your whole body will begin to relax. It's really effective for anxiety. Here's a website where you can buy a documentary that puts it to the test and teaches you how to do it yourself. Link Good luck!

Answered by: Jessica on 9/5/08


I'd advise seeing a medical professional, just to be certain that what you're struggling with is a panic disorder. If that's the case, he/she can help you find ways (medical and holistic) to deal with them You need to get to the root of the problem that's causing them—panic attacks are just a symptom.

Answered by: kristen on 8/29/08


I think we've all had panic attacks at some point in our lives. When it starts to interrupt your sleep is when I think you have to seriously consider if you want to see professional help.

I'm not one to pus doctors or meds. I'd like to think that most of what ails us can be managed/controlled/mitigated with how we train our minds, treat our bodies and soothe our souls.

Most of what I've read that doesn't involve doctors or medication is along these lines:

Cut out any stimulants, like caffeine, especially before bed.

Take steps to eliminate the stress in your day, your life. Identify the stressors and then work to reduce or eliminate them.

Use the power of your mind to tell yourself you're fine ... this is a panic attack ... I know what this is ... I'm going to be okay ... I'm fine ... this will go away.

Learn and practice breathing exercises. Take some slow, deep breaths ... in and out. Focus on your breathing and how calming it feels.

Get regular exercise (not before bed, that could be stimulating), but during the week. However, personally, I find working out a couple of hours before bed to be the thing that gives me the best night's sleep, so you may want to try it.

Watch your diet in order to have a consistent level of energy by eating healthful foods and try to avoid sugars that give you a boost and then leave you drained.

Being mindful of the mind/body/spirit connection is a good way to put these panic attacks to bed!

Answered by: VictoriaB on 8/28/08


Hi Sirena321,

There's lots of soothing things you can do to calm your mind before you go to sleep. One thing that really helped me was taking the TV out of the bedroom. I had a habit of watching the news before I went to sleep and it gave me bad nightmares!

Also, have you tried things like taking a bath, drinking caffeine-free tea or listening to a sleep meditation CD? You might simply need more help getting your body to relax before you go to sleep.

If these things don't help your anxiety before sleep, you might want to discuss it with your doctor. Though you say you're afraid to fall asleep, rest is something your body absolutely needs to function at its best. Have you always had this fear? Your doctor will be able to help you through your questions and your fears, or at least direct you to someone else who can help.

Sending you restful, sleepy thoughts!!

Answered by: Lizzie314 on 8/28/08
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