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Question:How do you deal with good changes?

I am always having bad things happen to me and I am a single mother. well now good things are always happening to me but I make them turn bad cause that is what I am use to. How do I stop that and just relax and enjoy my new life with good things happen and going the right way?

Asked by OneMomma on 5/6/08 3 Answers»


Have you ever heard of a song that says;
"Some days are diamonds, and
Some days are Stone"?

Anyway, in order to cope with each and every day,
you need GOD in your life. I am talking about Jehovah,
GOD! There is NO other god. Put Jehovah GOD
first in your life, and HE will give you the desires of
your heart!

Answered by: cactusgirl08 on 5/17/08


Sometimes the answer is very simple: Start saying "Thank you." Very powerful words. Watch what happens.

Answered by: RenegadeMaven on 5/7/08


OneMomma I used to be the same way- If something wasn't wrong with my life I made it that way! It's hard to "not" have to deal with contraversy and drama when that's all you know. I had to actually stop myself and take a step back and remember that I could not always control things and not to take it personal. Now when I think I'm going to sabotage myself I have to take a step forward and think of all the things that used to go wrong and remember all the work it took me to make things right and how I didn't have enough time in my life for it anymore. I also think how lucky we are. We live in a world where things are wonderful if you stop and look at them. Life is good. Take a breath and always remember that.

Answered by: cariann717 on 5/6/08
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