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Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

Believe it or not, life doesn’t magically come into focus the second that you’re no longer 20-something. Creating the life you want in your 30’s takes work. To make change a little easier as you head into the next decade of your life, follow this month-long plan from The Frisky's Wendy Atterberry (a First30Days expert, b-t-dubs):

Day 1: Celebrate
It’s your birthday! Celebrate the way you want — go away for the weekend, have a big blow-out with all your friends, or share a bottle of champagne over an intimate dinner with your sweetie.

Days 2 - 7: Indulge a Little
You’ll quickly discover that hangovers are far worse in your 30’s than they ever were in your 20’s. So get in the habit of downing a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. In the meantime, to cope with any anti-climactic, post-birthday blues you may have during the first week of your 30’s, schedule an indulgence or two. Get a massage, treat yourself to a facial, buy yourself a late birthday gift (preferably something sexy and fun).

Days 8 - 15: Set Goals
In the second week of your 30’s, take the time to sit down and write your goals for this new decade...it’s time to get serious about making the mark you want to leave on the world and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Be specific about your goals and write them in the positive (“I will,” instead of “I want” or “I might”).

Days 16 - 23: Get a Physical
As awesome as it is to be 30, your body is aging. Risks for a number or diseases and ailments increase dramatically in your 30’s, so schedule a physical with your doctor this week and discuss what you need to know about your body and how to keep it as healthy as you can for as long as possible.

Days 24 - 26: Create a New Beauty Routine
Skin care should be a big concern in your 30’s. If you aren’t already, be sure to wear sunscreen every single day (even in the winter!), and remember that moisturizer is key to keeping aging skin supple and smooth. The skin around your eyes is getting especially sensitive; invest in a good eye cream and apply it every day.

Days 27 - 29: Create a New Fitness Routine
If you aren’t exercising at least three to five times a week in your 30’s, your body’s going to suffer. It’s one of the cruel facts of life that as our world expands, so do our asses. If the thought of going to a gym sends you reeling, sign up for some fun classes designed to keep you flexible and in shape while you blow off some steam.

Day 30: Have Some Fun
It’s been a month since you turned 30, and if you’re like most women, you’re realizing this decade is going to be so much better than the last one. Besides having more financial and career stability, you’re a sexier, more confident, determined version of your 20-something self. Go out and have some fun today! You’ve earned it.

Pop on over to their site and share your experiences—what did turning 30 do for you? How did you handle it?

Posted: 11/19/08

It seems to me, all of these are great actions to take after every birthday once you're a working adult! We can all benefit from taking better care of ourselves, defining our goals, and indulging in some fun.


Ah! Only three and a half years to go! It's nice to know I've got a lot to look forward to.