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Take a Deep Breath


Losing your job is sure to bring up feelings of shock, betrayal and perhaps even guilt, but you’re taking the first step towards dealing with your emotions and getting back to work. The first 30 days of losing your job can be hard, but over the next month, you’ll begin to take control of your situation and maybe even find a better career path.

In the next 30 days, you can expect to:

* Formulate a plan for finding another job.
* Adjust your finances to compensate for your job loss.
* Deal with the emotions that come up after losing a job.
* Realize that as painful as this process is, there’s something positive around the corner.

On this first day, take some time and just let it sink in. Take a deep breath. Stay in the moment. Whatever emotions you’re experiencing during this unexpected time, give yourself permission to feel them. Cry. Get angry. Feel sad, helpless, frightened or maybe even liberated. Just allow yourself to feel those emotions so you can move on and find an even greater destiny.

Talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael has been fired not once, not twice—but 19 times. Each time, she picked herself up and found another job.

Posted: 7/21/24
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I was laid off from my job as a teacher in CA. I just want to teach!!!


I quit a job to make more money. But it did not work out, that way. When I started the new job. I was making less money durning the training, which they did not tell me that. Then they were not training me the right way. Then they fired me. Because they said I was not making it. I was upset for a short second, then I realize they did me a favor. Only thing I am having a hard time finding a job now, like a lot a people are during these times. God Bless everyone that is looking.


its been over 30 days almost 60 day now..i just found this website and i love it. thank you for hitting it right on the nail with this article...i have been trying to breathe every day i wake up and start a new day! i feel the wind starting to gain momentum under my wings!!!