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Top 5 Things to Do

Whether you were fired or laid off due to downsizing, a job loss is never easy. But there are many things you can do in the first 30 days to help you get through it successfully. Here are five suggestions to help you start down the right career path:

1. Take a deep breath.

Before you think about what you need to do, take a moment to let the experience soak in. Examine what went wrong and resolve to move forward and find a better work environment. Feel the emotions fully, so you can let them go and be at the top of your game when it’s time to start interviewing.

2. Assess your skills and passions.

Write down your accomplishments and what you enjoyed most about your past jobs. Maybe it’s time for a change! What would your ideal situation be? Is there a career you haven’t considered that might be a better match with your skills and passions? Take a skills assessment test, hire a career coach or read a book on finding the right career fit.

3. Update your résumé.

Update your résumé with your most recent job experience. Develop customized résumés for each type of position you’re considering, and develop cover letters that focus on your specific skills and why you’re passionate about the company and that particular position.

4. Build your network.

Your personal and professional networks are important keys to finding a new job. When you have an idea of what positions interest you, tell everyone you know about the type of job you’re considering. Start with your inner circle and build out. You never know who has the connection you need.

5. Stay positive.

Just because you’re out of work doesn’t mean you’re never going to find another job. Stay positive about your job search no matter what happens. This attitude and confidence will shine through in your application and your interview, making you an even more attractive candidate.

Posted: 12/21/07

I would like to start off by saying thank you for making a site like this available in a time when our Global economy is experiencing such hardship; with increasingly high gas prices, Lay off's, Government cut backs on communty funding, etc.

40 days ago I was termitied from my job!!!

When I had asked the manager to explain why He had decided to let me go; He simply replied that there was no reson at all, other then the fact that "it's not working out"!

However I knew better; several weeks prior to that incident I had filied a complaint with OSHA in regard to the safety concerns I had with my current work site;

Many of these issuses where addressed to the manager several weeks before filing the OSHA complant; afther receiving his negative response to my concerns!

ultimately I can conclude as to why He felt that, "it not going to work out"! With that said I am now without a job!

I feel let down and put down, not only by Iriudum Industries Inc; but also by my fellow co-worker's, administiation, etc. Who are to afraid to act; in order to keep their postions at that establishment!

Today I find myself just barley scraping by; with odd jobs and help from family members; who if it where not for them thourgh; the grace of GOD; could possiably be on the street!

Since then, an investagation as to the health hazards and to my termation was and is still in the procesess of being conduced by OSHA.

At this point we may even take it to trail! The odds are against me although the evidence to why I was termatied it blatant; Yet I still choose to go through!!!

Stress, worry, doubt; is something that I am defintely experiencing; However, I belive in something that is bigger and much greater then myself; and that is GOD; and from what I witnesed in my life time thus fair; HE ALWAYS MAKES A WAY; " OUT OF NO WAY"!!!!!

In the Common Wealth State of Pennsylvania thier are very little rights; when it comes to the treatment or emplyee's vs. The emplyer. Fore the most part, it seems that they can do what ever they want,
at the concrescence of the individual that works there!

If I publicize my case strong enough; then possibly one day; no one whould have to indoor such suffering! Maybe if enough poeple knew about what is going on in some corpo
rations whether they be big or small in the state of PA; something for the beter can occur!

So, as I sit and evaluate all the documents in front of me purtaining to the company's response, as to why the let me go (mailed to OSHA); I stand obtmistic!!!

Altough my chances look bad;
(COMPANY alleges that they had no idea that I wrote the letter; and said that the let me go for poor punctuality, etc). And do to the fact that
are system is not always fair;
Although the evideance is starring you right in the face; My case maybe thrown out! Yet I say again " I CHOOSE TO GO THROUGH!!!

I may not get my job back; infact at this point with adminration being so corrupt as it is; I dont think I would want it!!!

I may not be reimbursed for lawyer fee's, time lost, etc.
But still I see the positves out waying the negatives in this picture.

maybe some where down the line; someone elses chances will be better, Maybe somewhere down the line; a person in PA will never have to indoor such hardship, or be AFRAID to place a health hazard concern or any other concern for that matter; with out the threat of being terminated!!!(Smile).

  • By leelee3
  • on 6/18/08 4:06 PM EST

Well I am in a Company that has recently had a loss of a 12 friendship with a co-worker who has not been doing a honest job in her position, now I have to pick up the slack and I work with two other co-workers who are lazy and or slow, it makes it hard when the teamwork does not come into play, so yes I would like to leave my job and find my career this flat want last.