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Spiritual Or Religious?

Spiritual Or Religious?

Take a moment to reflect on why you signed up for the Living More Spiritually change in the first place. Do you already have a strong sense of spirituality and want to build upon it, or are you really just getting started? Some of you probably consider yourselves religious, spiritual, or both. But what do these words actually mean?
One can be spiritual without being tied to a specific religion, and similarly, religion can be all about doctrine and ancient rules without having a spiritual connection. In a recent article in a South African newspaper, Munka Nobakada describes spirituality as “recognizing that I am connected to the energy of all creations, and most of all, the most high, God Himself.”
For Nobakada, spirituality is really getting to the heart of the matter, making that connection, praying, being deeply aware of surroundings and embracing the spiritual energy of others.

Where would you place yourself on the spiritual/religious spectrum? [News24.com]

Posted: 8/29/08

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I used to enjoy going to church, and call myself a Christian, but these days I'm more likely to refer to myself as spiritual, because I'm interested in combining a number of teachings.

People are changing their views on faith. It's a very exciting time. I hope this openness leads us to a greater understanding of other religions and more tolerance for people who share different views.

Deep down we all share the same hopes and fears and dreams of a loving and just God.


I love God. I love Jesus. I love the Holy Spirit. I suppose that makes me "spiritual" but I don't really think of myself as a spiritual person. I'm just myself as God created me.

This website is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. I can tell a lot of love went into creating it.


I don't consider it a spectrum. I've been on journey that started the moment i was born. Led at first i learned over time basic fundamental "christianity" with the bible as my guide to choices made( ideally). There was a day when I became a Christian- God chose me to one of His children through a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. I've been down some rough roads before and since that moment and currently trying to have my eyes opened clearly again to His way. I consider myself a true " Ragamuffin" ( a book written by Brenna Manning). The God I worship is merciful and just. Merciful to have opened the Way for me as well as withold the justice i deserve for the time I spent rejecting His love for me.
the comment by Lady arrow is failar to me. I am not active in church or teaching anymore but the journey for me does requre connection with others who are on the narrow road too.


Both spiritual and religious, incredibly strong tie to the concept of God.


I think I am equally Spiritual and Religious. I pray and read my Bible at home a lot. I read daily devotionals and meditate. I also go to church. I teach an adult class and I learn a lot in that class. I also go to a weekly Bible Study. In church, sometimes I hear the message and think it's nice, other times I hear the message and it really hits home. I need the socializing with other christians in order to feel complete. If I think one way and someone else thinks another, I will sometimes change my viewpoint on what we are discussing. To be complete, I need my Religion, my church, God's people and my alone time with God.


I would have to say that I am definitely more spiritual. I do not go to an organized church, although I do make it a point to watch Joyce Meyer on television on a regular basis sometimes a few times through the day if she really hits home on a subject because the shows are sometimes the same on a differen channel or the same channel at a different time. I get her books and tapes from the library. To me that is my church. I would like to start going to church just to socialize with more people like myself, but I have had bad experiences with people. I pray for the guidance and support I need to maybe someday overcome this fear. I have been diagnosed with a social disorder. All in Gods timing is what I believe. I will some day be where he wants me to be and when. Without him I can do nothing I say and believe this whole heartedly.


I am more spiritual although I do go to an organized church. I grew up in the Presbyterian church, moved to a Methodist church but never found the 'spark" I needed til I started going to a nondenominational church. The services are so moving and I get so much out of each one. I don't go as often as I'd like, which I intend to change, but when I do, I find peace. I find myself reading my Bible more....whenI was in the other churches, I didn't even carry it to the services, now I actually use it. I'm much happier in my relationship with the Lord now.


I am much more Spiritual then religious. I find that religions are more about socializing and politics of the church and less about exploring faith. Don't misunderstand, organized religions serves a good purpose, but it is not where I go to connect spiritually.


I like the Munka Nobakada description of spirituality, which gets to the core of the matter.
Where do I place myself on the spiritual/religious spectrum?
At the high AND the low end.
Either way, I have much to learn. . . . .Peace!