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Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Some call them ghosts, others call them spirits. With Halloween coming up on Friday and the popular Dia de los Muertos celebration in Mexico over the weekend, surely the thought of coming into contact with a spirit has crossed your mind.

A recent Associated Press poll found that nearly one-third of American believe in ghosts, but not necessarily of the Casper variety. Many believe that these are spirits or souls with unfinished business or a message to pass on, and many believe that coming into contact with these phantasms can be a great spiritual experience.

Though there is no resesarch to prove the existence of ghosts, the stories of haunted houses and visions of lost loved ones persist. Of course, we here at First30Days don't assume to have all the answers, but we are curious to hear other people's experience.

Have you come into contact with a ghost or a spirit? Did it affect your spirituality in any way?

Posted: 10/29/08

I saw an old man stand in font of my television it was a silhouette of him in his trench coat hat n can e n he then went to back door n rattled the lock that spooked me but I use to it now. I had one try n squash me while I sleep. I still get bit scared but I talk to the spirit it annoys my dog n I tell it to go away if u Don,t like dogs cause u ate annoying my dog n seriously the dog stops growling true.


I don't know if I believe in ghosts, but I have dreamed of my deceased grandparents. They usually show up as though they were younger. It's kind of comforting to see them again.


i believe shaytan and jinn are 2 different things, and jinn like human, are both good kind or bad kind.
i, myself had experienced an unusual experience. i was in this hospital, visiting a friend, when on the corner of this ward, i saw a lady in a white traditional dress sitting alone. i could even see her beautiful hair clip. but my other 3 friends did not see her at all. it still gives me goosebumps everytime i remember that.
i don't know whether she's a spirit or shaytan or jinn. thankfully she just don't do any harm to me. that's all.

  • By inayah
  • on 11/1/08 9:10 PM EST

Muslims and knowledgable magicians all over the world know the validility of invisible beings, jinn or djinn.


A deep look into jinn (invisible beings) creation, their manner of living and behavior. This then opens up to discussion about jinn or shaytan and their open vendetta against mankind. Causes and effects of possession are discussed such as diseases of the heart and satans ways of fooling mankind into wrong doing.


Many of my friends and acquaintences have said to have seen ghosts. I was in a restaurant known to have a girl who was hit by a train behnd the restaurant and known to haunt this Cocoa Fl establishment. They even have a book given to guests to read while eating . The party was making jokes of the haunting which disturbed me because I felt sorry for the little girl. Anyway went to bathroom as I was done in stall looked on the floor there was a white handkerchief with a donkey emblem sewn on like al little girls. NO I did not see her but this was very unusual.


I personally have never had any contact with a ghost or any type of supernatural experience, so I tend not to believe in it. However, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that spirits or ghosts might exist and that some people might be able to see or contact them. That said, I do believe that anyone making a profit off of communicating with the dead is full of you-know-what and is merely trying to make a buck off of vulnerable people.