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Honoring Mom

Volleyball player and gold medalist Misty May-Treanor held a touching tribute to her late mom during the games in Beijing.  After both of her gold medal winning matches, she grabbed a small vial of her mother’s ashes and sprinkled them across the sand of the beach volleyball court.  It was her way of sharing the victory with her mom, who passed away in 2002 after a battle with cancer.

May-Treanor's mom was able to cheer on her daughter at the 2000 games in Sydney (she finished fifth, but missed her daughter capture the gold in both the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics.  At both games, though, May-Treanor was able to make sure her mom was with her—at least in spirit.

Her dad packed some of her mom’s ashes in a camera film pot, and May-Treanor told reporters later that she was worried the ashes might have been confiscated by customs upon her arrival in China.  "My Dad packed it for me and I was like 'What if they take it in customs as I go in?' but it was all fine," May-Treanor said after the match. "We can't leave her home alone."

Tell us what you think of Misty’s tribute to her mom—and share how you’ve honored your loved ones below. Does her story help you through the grief process?

Posted: 8/26/08

I commend Misty May-Treanor on her tribute to her mom. How uplifting!

My parents have been gone since '96 & 2001, I wish them happy birthday, & happy Christmas & Easter and I still tell them what's happening in my life (as if they didn't already know) on occasion.

Love NEVER dies!!!


That is awesome. I lost my mother in January of this year and it has been a rough year without her. Every day I still talk to her and tell her everything that has happened in my day.