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Going Green For the Holidays


There seems to be so much waste, especially during the holiday season. Wrapping paper, disposable party plates and cups, decor.

I'm really trying to plan ahead and use as little as possible...recycling magazines as wrapping paper or simply decorating boxes with stickers, markers, etc.

As for the parties, I'm throwing a New Year's Eve gala for 300 and the caterer has been great in helping me manage cost vs. waste. While I'd love to use all glassware, it's more cost efficient to use corn-based cups and plates that are completely biodegradeable.

Bottom line is that there's always a better alternative! Look for creative solutions and remember that the goal isn't perfection, it's just to try to do a little bit better.

Shared by kristen on 11/20/08

I do the recycled wrapping paper thing too and was thinking of punching out little snowflakes from those special hole punches and decorating brown paper bag paper with those.

Also thinking of going toe edible route for gifts: cookies, fudge, candy, etc. So that people aren't just getting more stuff.

  • By aliciak
  • on 11/21/08 1:32 PM EST

Great ideas Kristen! I think I will borrow some of this from you -like wrapping and decorating gifts with resources I already have. And, the added bonus to this is hopefully enlightening the people on the receiving end - maybe they will become more conscious of a greener life ;)

  • By eherzer
  • on 11/20/08 12:32 PM EST