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Lust, Envy, Pride and Pollution

Every lapsed Catholic and David Fincher (OK…Brad Pitt) fan knows the seven deadly sins. This week, you can feel doubly guilty as you head off to confession—the Vatican has seven new sins to add to that list.

Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, a close colleague of the Pope Benedict XVI, says that the original seven sins focus too much on the individual and has created a new list of seven sins—including pollution—that are designed to create awareness of how our actions affect others.

And it’s not just the Catholic Church who’s going green. The Southern Baptist Convention, who has been staunch in their questioning of the validity of scientific proof of global warming and climate change, is now backing down from their position.

The Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change, signed by 40 prominent leaders of the faith, calls for Christians to step up and become better stewards of the environment by increasing individual and community awareness of how to engage in a green lifestyle, as well as issuing a call to action for pastors on preaching about the effects of humans on the environment.

We’re thinking that if the Church can go green, you can too. There are many easy ways to do it. Start with some sound advice from going green experts. We’re not promising it’ll get you in with the Man upstairs, but hey—it can’t hurt, right?

Posted: 3/13/08

Hear hear. I'm grateful the church has decided to step up and advocate for treating our planet with care.

What Would Jesus Do? Probably ditch the plastic bags and the coal plants.

  • By thedew
  • on 3/14/08 12:10 PM EST