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Get Into the (Organizing) Groove


If you’re tired of living in a maze of clutter or if you can't ever find what you need when you need it, you’ve come to the right place. Over the next 30 days, we’ll help you to get your life organized, one step at a time.

As a matter of fact, you can start right now. What’s the most disorganized area of your life—the one that makes you absolutely crazy? Your closet? Your home office? The kids’ playroom? You can take the first step towards getting it organized today by creating a vision.

Physically go to this area and imagine how you want it to be—not in terms of expensive furnishings or other items you could buy; this isn’t about spending a lot of money! Think about how you want the room to feel. What needs to stay, go or be rearranged? If it helps, sketch out or make notes of what you would like to see.

If you want, do the same for other disorganized areas. Make a list of all the things in your life that need organizing—i.e., your car, living room, schedule, email—in order of importance. Establishing a clear vision for each will help to motivate you on your path to getting organized.

DID YOU KNOW? Americans spend 9 million hours every year looking for something they’ve misplaced.

Posted: 7/17/24
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I need to reorganize my office. I have too much scrapbook materials and need to fix the room to get everything in its place. I need help.

  • By ranster
  • on 9/28/11 4:08 PM EST

I just dont have the space, also I'm not organised.I have this feeling that if only I could get a system that I enjoyed working, and get all my stuff organised, I'd operate much better.

  • By iroisin
  • on 7/30/10 4:04 PM EST

Thank you for making the first step in getting organized a FUN thing to do! I love 'imaginating'.


I've only been in my own apartment for a year and already I've accumulated clutter. I had major health issues for the last 8 months and it is hard to get moving. So, I've let things go and pile up. I know things would be easier if I cleaned this mess. But where do I begin?? I look around at piles of junk and think I have no energy to start. And then I give myself ONE day to do it all.


I live in a tiny studio with my husband. We are both pack rats. I so do not where to start. But I have to. My living space is getting very close to a couple of square meters (I'm chilean). Suggestions are welcome!

  • By Ximena
  • on 2/21/09 10:35 PM EST

I'm overwhelmed right now and don't really know where to start, so I'll start by reading this site and following some of the tips.


Getting organized is a recurrent theme in my life. Compared to the way I used to be I am 100 times better. However I can still improve quite a bit. Mostly organzing time is a big challenge right now because I have lots of plans.