"I heard you on Oprah and Friends... what a pleasure to feel so connected to someone and their message. Thanks for what you have done." -J.Stanton
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Our Getting Organized Experts

Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh

Design professional and star of TLC's Clean Sweep

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Meryl Starr

Meryl Starr

Organizing expert, author and personal consultant

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Debbie Stanley

Debbie Stanley

Author and owner of Red Letter Day, a professional organizing...

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Organize Your Home In No Time

Stanley, an expert for the chronically disorganized, helps individuals learn how to create an organizational system while pinpointing common problem areas along with the best solutions for solving them.
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:44 PM EST more »


Organize Your Work Day In No Time

Working individuals can learn how to organize and manage their workload and time at the office so they can go home and enjoy their families at the end of each day with McCorry’s easy to follow guide.
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:35 PM EST more »


Organize Yourself

Find strategies for organizing daily tasks, including how to save time and space at work, handle paperwork quickly and efficiently, make the best use of your electronic devices, stay on track with finances and how to manage household matters like cooking, laundry, cleaning and more.
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:25 PM EST more »


Organizing from the Inside Out, second edition: The Foolproof System For Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life

The author explains the causes of disorganization and how to go about reversing the patterns that lead to such a disorganized mess so readers can start off right.
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:39 PM EST more »


Organizing Magic: 40 Days to a Well-Ordered Home and Life

Organizing Magic is full of practical ideas to make life easier and more productive in just 40 days with strategies and tips that reveal how to utilize closet space, create a more livable kitchen, set up a home office and use the ignored space in your home, office and life
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:28 PM EST more »


Organizing Plain and Simple: A Ready Reference Guide with Hundreds of Solutions to Your Everyday Clutter Challenges

Find concrete tips and techniques to control clutter as a way to living a neater and more organized life with Smallin’s Organize Plain and Simple.    
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:42 PM EST more »


The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible: A Pro's Answers to Your Organizing Prayers

Koopersmith has put together a step-by-step guide for organizing each room in a home, with practical and easy-to-implement techniques.
Posted: 11/08/2007 04:33 PM EST more »