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Question:How can I believe anything he says to me?

I have since found out since our divorce, that he was cheating on me and is now continuing to see her. He lied to me about everything. I fell for it Hook, line and sinker! So I signed the divorce papers for a non contested divorce. He would not let me reveal any of our assests except our vehicles. So I get nothing except $3000 and the furniture. He gets the 401, bonuses, $15-20 thousand dollars worth of tools. And we own 5 horses, but they are in both of our names. I dont believe anything he tells me anymore. I went into his e-mail and saw pictures of him kissing and holding hands with a girl, only 5 years older than our oldest son. I loved him so much, even after the divorce was final, until I saw the pictures. He took these pics only 2 days after our divorce was final! But he didnt even know it was final yet. I found out when I called the clerk of courts to find out if there was anythi8ng I could do, since I found out he lied to me. Now I want to get an attorney and reopen our case, and make him hurt as much as he has hurt me.

Asked by Lenaole on 9/6/09 1 Answer»


To answer your question - you can't.

I get along with my ex 3 years after my divorce but do I believe what he says to me? No.

Regarding what you want to do to re-open your case - no one can tell you what to do because we are not in your shoes - however, the reasoning behind why you want to do it - because you want to make him hurt as much as he has hurt you - those are the type of feelings you need to watch out for, because in the end, it will only hurt you, not him. Do it because is the right thing to do, because you put into that marriage as much as he did and it is only fair. Find out your rights and what can be done or not. Empower yourself with information.

I know how it is to see proof. I know how it feels when you find it. And now, 3 years later I know that I am better off without him. That now someone else is the one that has to deal with the lies, the deceit and the not knowing.

Concentrate on you - is the best investment you can make.

Answered by: elsaodette on 11/29/09
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