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Joanne Heim

Joanne Heim

Author of Living Simply: Choosing Less in a World of More

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Gary Foreman

Editor and publisher of The Dollar Stretcher Newsletter

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Melissa Tosetti

Melissa Tosetti

Editor and publisher of Budget Savvy magazine

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For years now I have been planning my budget like so.

Write down every recurring expense (house, electricity, taxes, etc.) even the expenses that come by only once a year.

Then, for each item I calculate what it costs for a whole year. Then add up all the expenses on a yearly basis.

example :
House 800$ month = 9,600 year
Taxes 200$ month = 2,400 year
Licences = 200 year

Total = 12,200 yearly divided by 26 pay period = $469.23 per pay

In this example, you would deposit $470 every two weeks when you receive your pay check. Then when a bill comes, no worries at all, just write the check.

The rest of your pay check would be for less predictable amounts like groceries, pharmacy, clothing etc.

I have been using this system for over 33 years now and have never been taken aback by a tax bill or house payment or insurance payment. It really is a good way to go. You can also include in this calculation an amount (ever so tiny) for savings. And it will take you a long way.

Good luck to all.

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