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Cancel your cable bill


Since so many shows are available online for free, cancel your cable subscription but keep your internet access. It can save you up to $70 a month!

Shared by Lourdes542 on 10/22/08

I called the cable company and told them I was laid off work and couldn't pay that big a bill. They lowered what I already have, which is basic TV with phone and high speed computer (package deal) and when I told him I couldn't even pay that he asked his supervisor and came back with an even lower rate. They want to keep your business and will work with you on lowering your bill.


I wish you could pick and choose your channels with cable and they would charge accordingly. Due to sports watching we have 200 channel but only a handful of them that we watch regularly.

  • By coleman
  • on 10/27/08 10:02 AM EST

I never thought about watching TV shows from the computer. It certainly worth thinking about. I'm just not sure my husband would approve. Tiny screen you know. For me there are only a few programs I just have to see. I'll have to do some thinking. It's a real good idea tho.


I have also been contemplating this, especially since I can never really find a movie I want to watch on those channels. It seems like HBO runs the same films over and over again!


I'm so tempted to do this, especially since I generally watch old movies and can do that easy enough with videos.