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Question:Are you spending less on Halloween this year?

According to a BabyCenter survey last week, 75% of respondents said they will be spending less on candy and 57% will be spending less on decorations.

As the holiday season gets underway, what (if any) cuts are you making? How has the financial climate affected your seasonal planning?

Asked by kristen on 10/27/08 3 Answers»


Halloween has not been big since the kids left, so the only thing I'll be doing is a little candy for the trick or treaters. There aren't very many kids that age in our area. In the Seattle area, kids are pretty much taken to the malls to do their trick or treating.

That"s were I'm going -- to see all the costumes. Even the parents dress up!

Answered by: lilliede81 on 10/28/08


Definitely. For one, I'm not buying decorations as I have plenty from previous years. I'm also not getting a costume ... sadly, because I haven't been invited to any parties : ) But, mostly, I'm saving money on candy because I live in an apartment building with no little kids, so we don't get any foot traffic!!

Answered by: VictoriaB on 10/27/08


I've never been big on Halloween to start, but I definitely think the holidays will be scaled back for most this year.

We've begun celebrating during the first week of Dec. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The flight home is much cheaper for me; and there's not as much pressure to make it such an event (we're a small family.)

We have also agreed to limit gifting, as my sister and I are both in our 30s and have all we need (as do my parents.)

Answered by: Kiki76 on 10/27/08
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