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Question:Living frugally, but not by choice?

If you're in the midst of a major financial change (yesterday you were flying high with a triple digit salary, today working at Starbucks is looking like an option), we want to hear your story and possibly promote it.
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Asked by VictoriaB on 8/19/08 1 Answer»


The situation seems to be contagious as the world is restructuring. Does not mean it is an easy transition. In fact, often it comes with shame and a desire not to reach out for resources.

My current life is nothing like any other time in my experience. It is difficult to not blame myself for the position I am in, but I will accept that I had some "help" getting here as well as some "help" sustaining life while I climb back up.

One of my missions at this time is to research information helpful to others for resources that I never knew existed, let alone planned to participate in.

It helps mildly to know how many thousands of people are living only a version of the life they thought was awaiting them.

Because of messages like this question, I am further encouraged to share information, resources and tips.

If there is interest, I will post more of what I have found and/or a link to my blog regarding how to adjust to life in the slow lane.

Answered by: GeriGreene on 8/22/08
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