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What is the best advise dating a full-time dad?


I meet this full-time dad from an online dating service. We communicated with each other on the dating service the month of Dec 08 before finally meeting the month of Jan 09.

I met him and his son at a resturant(Our first date). After actually meeting face to face and we warm up toward one another( I had butterflies). His son was so comical at the restarant(by the way his son is 6yrs. old). His son warm up to me quick which is unsusal for young kids that does not know you well. His father and I conversation was great, we talked about our past little, there was some humor during the conversation and about us. We are still learning on another. So far it is going great. He told me he is a family man, his purpose is to make me happy, his son is important to him, enjoy family outings, outdoor concerts, camping, affection in public. Overall this man has been sincere, open, honest; which is great.

This will be my first dating a full-time dad. I really like this man ( He is in my age group). I hope that we can be more than just a date. Can you(or someone is famliar) provide advise on how to I can blossom this relationship(I know it is still new, just seeking insite) thank you?

Shared by marah2448 on 1/26/09


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Great advice below on not rushing. When I look back at bad decissions I've made, the cause was always "rushing". Now, on the positive side if you do take your time, you can use the time to learn all about the responsibilities, and joy that children bring, and it will be kind of like test driving a car. You drive it slowly because you don't want to mess it up, and you return it if you don't like it without the emotional struggle of turning it back in. Hope that makes sense? Congratulations to you for the courage to try online dating and a date with a father-son team would have made me nervous too! You did real well and I applaud your open mind and great outlook.


OK...My best advice is DON'T let It Run Jet fast yet! Simply enjoy for now. Remember...he has a Young son and he will always be in the picture. Hey maybe you got a keeper? And last of all Be yourself.....protect your Heart........& go with your Gut......Take a step back once in awhile to make sure all is good....and if you question things to often....you might want to look at all of this from a different angle...Good Luck!