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Question:What topics of conversation are off limits on a first date?

I've been out of the dating game for a while so I'm curious what everyone thinks!

Asked by AnnieChance on 10/8/08 5 Answers»


I agree with everybody here... stay away from: marriage, familial struggles, POLITICS (even thouhgh it may be hard considering we just elected a new president, and all of that media attention is on our TVs and our minds). Try not to talk about your childhood dreams also (even though it may be familiar and comfortable... depending on who you're talking to, it may be a deterent if they notice that you haven't necessarily achieved the bulk of them, etc); plus, those can sort of me intimate details, depending on where they've derived from. Funny stories about friends are good too, as long as they're objective (not "oh, this one person I know... isn't that stupid/crazy?") kind of stories. I talk about my dog, where I went to school, why I majored in what I did, my work (present-tense), my sisters (how close we are... even funny childhood stories, if the conversation goes there), my hobbies, great books I've read recently, places I've lived, traveling, nicknames I've had growing up (and their origin), my favorite season(s) (and where I most appreciate spending that season... travel again, I suppose), favorite foods and restaurants (if you feel so keen and want to transition into confidently suggesting another date :) ...), great movies I've seen recently (favorites), favorite TV shows, etc...

Answered by: SomethingTimeless on 11/5/08


One of my least favorite questions is the one that always comes first ... so, what do you do?

Not that I'm not always excited to ramble on about First30Days and how much I love the web, it's just that I've never felt what I did for a living should define me as an individual.

Travel is perhaps my favorite topic of conversation. I like to watch people's eyes light up when they talk about their favorite places to visit.

Answered by: VictoriaB on 10/9/08


Please don't tell me about your ex, or how many guys you've slept with! One of the safest conversation topics is travel. Where have you been and what was great about it? I could talk for hours about that.

Answered by: NicoO2000 on 10/9/08


Exes, politics (unless you share views or are mature enough to see each other's POV), religion (see politics), bodily functions, marriage, therapy, stints in rehab, the date you went on last night...

First date talk should be pretty lighthearted and fun. Movies, books, film, the great (or terrible) service at the restaurant.

Answered by: Kiki76 on 10/9/08


I'd stay away from anything have to do with marriage or things like "how do you feel about kids." (That is if you don't want to come back from the restroom to an empty table).

Answered by: letitgo on 10/8/08
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