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Garth Sandiford on Finding Romance

Garth Sandiford on Finding Romance

Since some of our listening audience may not yet know who you are, would you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I've been inspiring singles and couples in finding love for more than five years. During my journey to find love I observed the intense euphoric impact it has on people’s lives. I've made it my mission and passion to help as many people as possible to find true and lasting love. In my guise as a professional speaker, I'm known as Dr. Love. Also, I'm the previous co-host on CBS Radio station Chat About It of The Premier Match Show (with Host Christie Nightingale North America’s Top Match Maker) and graduate of the Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (IPEC).

I'm certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and am affiliated with The Counseling Centers for Human Development in Cranford, NJ where I also serve as a board member.

It's my passion to assist others to find the loves of their lives. I expose them to the gifts that already exist within them. My audience and clients learn how to become confident about their own selves and obtain the capacity to form lasting relationships.

I've lived in New Jersey since 1979. I grew up in Barnados with my two sisters. My father Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford is the former Prime Minister and my mother Dr. Angelita Sandiford is a successful psychologist. I am the father of two children and have a passionate relationship with my partner Jacci. I'm available for speaking engagements, media opportunities and one-on-one Coaching.

You are a great success. Because of what you've accomplished and where you are in life, what would you tell others to Inspire them today, regardless of where they are in their life?

No matter where you are now, set your sights high and keep moving in that direction, no matter what. As long as you have the vision and a glimpse, know that the rest of what you need will be revealed to you along the way. Trust your instincts and follow your heart to know that the resources you need will appear. People around you want you to succeed and will help, even complete strangers, so let them.

We all know that inspiration can change lives. Can you share a personal story of someone who inspired you and made a difference in your life or a defining moment or experience that inspired you or changed your life?

My grandfather inspired me from the very first time I could remember him. He was always larger than life to me when I was a child. Shortly before his passing he imparted to me his most precious gifts of wisdom. It took years after his death to understand this wisdom and now I treasure it in my heart. His advice was simple in nature and came in four parts.

Part 1:
Trust God. No matter what is going on in my life when it comes to fear or uncertainty do the following “Put your trust in God and the Gates of Hell cannot prevail.”

Part 2:
Be of Service to others. When you serve others you get what you need, and that there is no greater honor or gift than to be of service and make a difference in someone else's life.

Part 3:
Be proud. Be proud of who you are, believe in yourself and don’t try to be like someone else because that is not you. Celebrate your uniqueness and don’t be afraid to let others know who you are, have integrity with yourself.

Part 4:
Be Humble. No matter what, always be the same. In his words, “whether you have $100 or $1000 in your pocket, be the same. Don’t let your ego put you on a pedestal because when you fall you fall hard and it hurts so be the same, be humble at all times.

You make it look easy, but I'm guessing you've experienced challenges in your life. Can you share with our listeners how that has strengthened you to reach success? In other words, how do you overcome adversity?

My challenges have been my greatest gifts that have given me strength and character. After being in a failed relationship for many years I decided one day that I could no longer live with myself and be happy if I stayed in that relationship. So I did something that I was extremely afraid of, and that was to leave. Despite my fear of the unknown and being alone, I took action. My journey was filled with challenges and personal growth through ugly encounters with rejection and grief for over 3 years. I never gave up my search for true and lasting love despite their pain and efforts put forth. Now my reward is unspeakable, I'm in a relationship that I never dreamed could be so beautiful and enriching.

Everyone has ideas on how to improve their lives, whether it be a new job, moving to a new city, or finding love, but change can be a bit scary sometimes. Can you please share an experience with us where you "stepped off the ledge" with only faith, and took a big risk, based only on your belief that you would succeed?

I decided to change careers after the age of 40 and become a Relationship Coach. This meant that I had to retire from a company that gave me financial security and major benefits. I was employed by a major corporation for 20 years. It was the hardest decision that I have ever had to make in my life. I literally saw myself jumping off a cliff in this process. I totally relied on blind faith while remembering my grandfather's words to put my trust and faith in God. It’s now been four years and I am so happy that I made that decision and took action. I have grown in ways that I couldn’t have imagined and my life is fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams.

How can others do what you did

Others can do what I did simply by following their hearts and having faith first. Then connect to the right people that will help and support them in the process. This process always works.Pressure is what turns coals into diamonds and it's that pressure that makes you great.

What process, steps or exercises do you recommend that our listeners could do right now and each morning, to improve the quality of their lives?

I recommend that you create a blueprint in words for the life you wish to have. Then have an affirmation, where you state daily what your new life looks, feels, and sounds like. Even if it’s not true now, eventually it will become so. Keep your thoughts and words positive. Surround yourself with the people who have the same dream as you as they will give you strength and energy that you need to succeed.

What's the greatest joy in your life?

My greatest joy, is knowing that I pursued my dreams and didn’t live my life with regret.

If you had to wrap up the wisdom of your life to leave as your legacy—call it YOUR BRILLIANCE—what important things that you've learned would you want to pass on to others?

  1. There are laws to the universe and if you follow them as designed you will get positive results.
  2. There is a God and trust in HIM.
  3. You have the power to create the life you want, JUST DO IT!
  4. It is possible to find and have love, it gives you the energy and strength to be great beyond yourself.
  5. Care about others and you will always be blessed.
  6. Love is the only thing that matters, love yourself first so you can love others
  7. You are special and unique, get out and make a difference in the world.

If you had just one more thing that you could accomplish in your lifetime, what would it be?

To show as many people as possible, how to live a happy and fulfilling life and to spread love to everyone everywhere.

Posted: 3/22/10

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It was really great to get to know Garth better! I love the story about his grandfather. With all of our "new" ideas, Garth's grandfather reminds us that there are certain simple, basic secrets to life. God, service to others, belief in who you are and humility. That says it all!

Mentor Mama