Winn Claybaugh

on Starting a New Business
Motivational speaker, business owner and author of Be Nice (Or Else!)

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What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?

That everything happens for a reason, and in every situation I need to ask myself, "What's my lesson to learn?"

The best thing about change is…

Adventure! Thinking I can resist change and staying inside my comfort zone would prevent me from experiencing growth, love, new relationships, and adventure.

What is the best change you have ever made?

In November 2002 I decided to live my life with full integrity, which meant having no secrets from anyone. That single decision let me end a bad relationship, become drug free, fix my relationships with loved ones, and open my eyes to all the amazing gifts of life.

Advice on Change

Believe in the law of attraction, which says that what you put out to the universe comes back to you, and what you focus on starts to grow. Take inventory of your thoughts, actions, behavior, and conversations and be aware of what you’re attracting to yourself. For example, if you’re involved in a lot of gossipy conversations, that’s exactly what will come back to you, possibly in the form of picking a silly fight with your spouse or partner, attracting negative gossipy people who create more drama for you, or developing road rage.

Divorce yourself from all garbage programming, including negative people, beliefs, and experiences (such as negative reality shows, the news, and violent movies). Garbage programming causes you to be mean, unfeeling, and insensitive, which will get in the way of making any positive changes in your life.

Surround yourself with mentors. You can’t learn everything through firsthand experience; it takes too long, and the pain and sacrifice to learn every lesson would be too great. A wise person learns from other people’s experiences. Surround yourself with mentors who’ve achieved a bit of success in life or overcome the same hardships you struggle with. Mentors give you hope.

Find people who want to play with you. Having partners and friends who want to improve themselves in the same area you’re working on gives you hope, keeps you focused and motivated, and makes the process fun.

Seek only to make a 10% shift. Trying to make a major change can leave you feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. What baby steps can you take? The universe has eyes, and when it sees you doing your part by making little 10% shifts, things seem to just happen to support you in your change. All of a sudden the right book shows up, the right mentors appear, the right relationship begins, or the right opportunity materializes to help you in your journey of change. The universe supports nice people.

About Winn Claybaugh

Winn Claybaugh is the author of Be Nice (Or Else!) and “one of the best motivational speakers in the country,” according to CNN’s Larry King. A business owner for more than 25 years with over 8,000 people in his organization, Winn is the co-owner of hair care giant Paul Mitchell’s school division.

Winn has helped thousands of businesses build their brands and create successful working cultures. His clients include Southwest Airlines, the Irvine Company, Vidal Sassoon, Entertainment Tonight, Mattel, For Rent magazine, Structure/Limited/Express, and others. Winn is a frequent guest on national radio and a regular contributor to online publications. Visit to sign up for his free monthly Be Nice (Or Else!) newsletter.

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