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Change Nation: Simon Sinek (10/17/08)

Find the Right Job: Take this job and love it! Simon Sinek tells you how.



What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?

I always ask myself how I would “proact.” It’s the opposite of react. In any time of change, if we react we look back and work to fix or avoid. Or worse, we get frustrated or upset. I’ve trained myself to proact, instead. When I proact, I look forwards and work to plan. I allows me to avoid frustration or anger and gives me permission to just accept the situation I’m in.

The best thing about change is…

Change equals opportunity. There is a silver lining in EVERY cloud. Tragedy brings family and friends closer. Career changes offer something new and better. Relationship changes offer new lifestyles. In change, we can choose to see what we’ve lost or we can choose to see what we stand to gain. It’s a choice.

What is the best change you have ever made?

The best change I ever made wasn’t actually a change at all. I answered the question, why do I do what I do? I live to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. I get tremendous joy, every day of my life, looking for all the ways in which I can realize that purpose. That’s my Why. My change was a decision to be myself. Always. And it was the single greatest change I ever made.

Advice on Change

Be clear. Know your Why--the purpose cause or belief that guides you and motivates you in all you do. It is the answer to the question--Why do I do what I do?

Be disciplined. Use your strengths and ask for help with your weaknesses.

Be consistent. If you spend a life working to be a good person and being good to others then when you are in need, you’ll be amazed how many will be there to support you.

Remember that success is a team sport. There are few changes you can perfectly manage alone. Ask others for help and let others help you.

Be optimistic. You can’t always control the circumstances that happen around you, but you can always control your attitude.

About Simon Sinek

Everyday, inspire someone to do something that inspires them.

Everyone knows what they do, but do you know Why you do it? Do you know the single purpose, cause or belief that motivates your decisions and behavior? What’s your Why?

That’s where Simon Sinek comes in.

Helping people to find their Why, he is inspiring people to do the things that inspires them. He created a simple model, The Golden Circle, that codifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successful. And it all starts with Why. The concept is so powerful that it changes the way people think and act.

Simon speaks around the world about The Golden Circle and the power of Why. From Members of Congress to your average Joe, from small businesses to multinational corporations, from Hollywood to the Pentagon, more and more people are learning to become more effective, more efficient and more inspiring by first discovering their Why and following their Golden Circle.