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Joyce Chapman on Pursuing Your Dreams

Joyce Chapman has devoted her life to empowering others, first as a teacher for the California public school system and later as director and developer of a private school in San Diego. Although she holds a California lifetime teaching credential, she left teaching, earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology and ardently pursues her life’s dream as a consultant, speaker, counselor, coach and author. She has written numerous books, including Live Your Dream and Celebrate Your Dream: Fulfill Your Destiny One Wish at a Time. She’s also written workbooks and facilitator’s manuals to help individuals and organizations make their dreams come true. In this interview, Chapman explains why pursuing your dreams is important to your overall well-being.

What are the benefits of pursuing a dream?

Your health is better. I totally believe in the mind-body connection. If you’re feeling mentally “up,” you’re going to feel better physically. When you start pursuing your dreams, you’ll find a stronger sense of yourself. That’s a strong statement, but that’s what it’s about for me—the idea of being your authentic self. Asking who you are is an essential part of it.

What can we do when the going gets tough?

On those days when you feel down, look at your dream board, do your visualizations, read your affirmation cards, read over your beliefs and go from the perspective of this being your last day on earth.

What do people underestimate in the first 30 days of pursuing a dream?

People underestimate the amount of time that reaching their dream will take. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes determination and drive to stay focused on a dream. People also underestimate themselves. I often say, “Go out there and surprise yourself.” That’s a great question to ask yourself: "How did I surprise myself today?” I believe that it all matters—every single thing you think, do and feel.

What is the most important thing to do during the first 30 days of pursuing your dreams?

I believe that journaling is one of the most important things people can do to live the lives they want to live. I strongly believe it should be a daily habit. It can just be a few minutes. It helps you to take a self-inventory, which is incredibly important to being true to who you are.

What advice would you offer to someone who’s afraid to pursue a dream?

Don’t miss the chance. You may fall; you may not make it. But when you start on the path of pursuing your dream, you will always experience movement. By experiencing movement, you’re alive. I don’t know anyone who is doing this kind of work who is depressed.



What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?

I ask myself, “How is this perfect?” Once in a while, my mind says, “Hell, I don’t know!” but because I ask myself that question often, my mind is conditioned to give me permission to answer it.

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