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Carmen Grenier on Living Healthier

Canadian practitioner Carmen Grenier is a renowned spiritual teacher who lectures around the world, including at the Dalai Lama’s retreats in France. She is the author of six books, and her most recent work, Le Destin de L’âme is currently being translated into english as The Destiny of the Soul. Here, Grenier explains how discovering one’s inner guru can lead to better health.

Why do we resist changing our health?

People fear any change, especially health-related change, because it brings up two questions: “What will I change to” and “What will I be?” People prefer what they know, even though they may be unhealthy or suffering. They make excuses based on things outside of themselves, because they don’t want to look inside at their fears and their life path so far. Changing your health can be about changing your way of viewing things; it’s not just about physical, practical things. Learn to take stock of where you are health-wise and ask yourself, “Do I continue in the same direction or do I want to change?” Learn to know yourself, to work on yourself; no one can escape this ultimately. Life will keep sending you things to wake you up. It’s up to you how many wake-up calls you need, but remember that the next call gets a little more serious than the last.

What causes poor health and illness?

Health challenges, however small, don’t just pop out of nowhere. People don’t want to look at the reasons behind them; they just want them to go away but they will always come back. Remember that we’re emotional beings. Too many people, especially men, ignore their emotional sides. This will make them sick eventually. Learn to know yourself and embrace your emotions. Start learning the language; every organ, every symptom is telling you something.

Are there some less obvious reasons for why we get sick?

No, there are no coincidences to answer why you are sick. Many diseases come from a deep inner conflict between you and your desires—what you want to be doing and being in this life, and what you’re really doing. Too many people are living lives they don’t want, and that makes them sick. On the other hand, sickness is an opportunity to lift yourself up to a level of love, understanding and conscious awakening. Realize that your physical side is only a part of you. Try to connect with that part of you that is asleep; if you’re sick and in revolt, you’re lowering your energy even further. Willpower will conquer sickness. The heaviness of being attached only to a physical body is very limiting. Be open to another way of understanding your body, to what influences your energy field.

How can we improve feelings of fatigue and low energy?

To get back your energy, you must move and breathe; express who you are through activities, work and relationships that honor that; resolve your old conflicts and problems; choose to be with people you like and who make you feel uplifted; avoid negativity; and start listening and following your intuition. The strongest values that build good energy and better overall health are respect, charity, contribution, generosity, compassion, personal growth and love.

How can we help a loved one who is sick?

You do not help them by taking on their suffering: Being sad for them and with them doesn’t make them feel better. Suffering with them only limits their ability to break through the disease. Instead, offer love and strength, show them the light inside of them; help them be open to other ways of healing. Optimism, good thoughts, healthy mantras and prayer are what helps.

How does positive thinking affect the body and health?

Thoughts are a wonderful healing mechanism if you use them well. Focus your positive intentions on the part of your body that you wish to heal. Do this dozens of times until your body realizes that this has become part of you, your subconscious mind. Many books and research confirm this.

What roles do food and nutrition play in living a healthier life?

If you’re in harmony with life and your inner self, the food you eat is not that important. Real food and nourishment aren’t found in regular food, but in a way of living: the food of your soul, your spirit. People eat and eat because they’re unaware of their inner spirit and power, so they feed the emptiness. Your physical body won’t want as much food if you start feeding your soul and your unmet needs.

What advice would you give someone for the first 30 days of living a healthier life?

First, put your thoughts on a diet. Soul pollution is much worse than your physical body’s pollution. Clean up your thoughts on a daily basis. Regrets, unexpressed communication, guilt, fear and anger make you sick—much more so than any food or drink. When you get rid of negative emotion, addictions to food go away.

Second, become your own inner guru and guide. Living healthier is about taking back your power from people you have given it to. Build your own internal religion; accept that there’s an invisible world of energy of thoughts you cannot necessarily measure. Once you learn that you have something on the inside, sickness and unhealthiness are replaced by a love of life, a connection with others and more love.

Third, do whatever it takes to feel joy again. Health is about having a real sense of joy in life. Few people have this; they’re much too much in their minds, in their intellects, in their past or future. Sing and laugh. These are two sacred toys of the heavens and a way to deprogram negative thoughts. Both are more effective than any diet.

About Carmen Grenier

Canadian practitioner Carmen Grenier is a renowned spiritual teacher who lectures around the world, including at the Dalai Lama’s retreats in France. She is the author of six books, and her most recent work, Le Destin de L’âme is currently being translated into English as The Destiny of the Soul.