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I have fought with clinical depression for years. Not being a particularly strong person, I feel depression was supported by all those around me. Not to excuse myself, but I did not have the witheral to grow as I should. After a 35yr marriage failed, I finally sought help from the VA and talked different counselors. Still have problems but it is not as bad as before. Met a very nice person in the hospital and we have become good friends. That helps and he listens to me, as I do him. Nothing more than friends. A friend that listens is very important.

Shared by Old_Squid on 5/8/08

I agree, Old_Squid, true friends who will listen are priceless.

  • By Mosseo
  • on 11/6/09 3:00 AM EST

I too think a friend to share your inner thoughts with is priceless. Ten years ago I myself had that special friend. But since my husband and I have movedd to another town and my friend has been distanced from me; I have truly loss the most important thing I had. An ear that listens. When both of our lives changed (she continued working and I retired) we found it hard to stay in contact. And when I do talk to her and don't like to bother her with my problems. We just catch up on trivial things. I have been to a psychologist here, but it just not the same. Being depressed is no fun. Especially when you live with someone who has never been depressed. They don't understand it or just want to ignore it. So you really can't talk to that person.


A friend that listens is priceless.

So often we're in a hurry to get our piece out or talk about what's on our minds that we don't take the time to listen to the person in front of us.

I know this is true even with people who care for me, because you can tell when they aren't really listening by saying just about anything to them!

We have a tendency to take advantage of each other. Sad, but true.

I'm happy you have a friend who listens. It's just about the best thing any one of us can have and a pretty good cure for many things that ail us.