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Motion changes emotions


This is one of the things I've read about and also seen in action. It works for me and I know it works for others.

If you can get yourself to move ... physically move (walk, jog, run, jump up and down in place) your emotions will change and you will feel better.

Motion has an affect on our mood as well as our physical being ... when you start moving you take in more oxygen, which feeds your brain and just makes you feel better.

Shared by wishuponastar on 4/22/08

I agree it can be hard to take those first steps, cespoet_75. I don't have great advice except to say that if you think of a little walking as an essential need your body/mind has to keep you in balance (rather than something you do to "keep in shape" or "lose weight" or whatever) you might (maybe maybe maybe) have compassion for it. Think of taking your body on a little walk like taking your dog out for a little pee - it would be cruel to deny it a basic need. A very little makes a big difference and once your body/mind gets a little taste it gets an appetite for more!

  • By Anonymous
  • on 4/27/08 10:46 AM EST

I tend to understand that this is true as I have been told this, but how do you get the urge to make the first movement?