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Online Dating Scam


I meet this person on an online dating service April 29, 2009. We had only IM chatted, emailed and phone calls. We had not meet. This person had left for London the first week of May, so that is why this communication and not phsically meet. During our chats and e-mails he said there was an unauthorized amount money remove from his bank account, so he ask to have his account frozen.

He said, " he has not seen his son and missing him and wish his ex-wife will call. The last week of July, he received a called from his ex-wife and his son was doing fine.

August 1, 2009, he told me his son and ex-wife was in car accident in another country and they both was in a coma. Since his bank account was frozen, he needed my help, to wire $750.00 for his son surgery, and $250.00 of medicine. After he found out his ex-wife passed, so he changed his flight destination to this other country(orignally destination was to return back to the United State, where was suppose to see each other for the first time).

He communicates to me that he is not stuck in this other country and the Embassy will not help him. I realize something was wrong when he was telling not to call people because it was only causing a confusion and he was pressuring me to send money after I said, " I do not have anymore money to send because my now fixed expenses are not paid to help out".

I said some itimate thing with this person, I though I found my soulmate. It was good intention"What will GOD do in this situation? He would given his last to for life and that is why I did it. I did file a report with the online dating servicea and with the US. Embassy. It is still an ongoing process right now. A listen learn and it just made me more wiser and stronger. (Not to never give out money to someone you had never met).

Shared by marah2448 on 8/29/09

Wow, I to feel bad that you fell for this scam--they are out their with all kinds of stories and tales of WOE. Well, at least you have learned never to do this again and you will be able to share your story with others to enlighten them about "On-line Falling In Love". Best wishes to you. Love and LIght..


I'm sorry you fell into this scheme. There are so many scams out there, so please use caution before you give anyone else money again. All the best to you in the future :)