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He was not open and honest with me, why?


We meet from an online dating service. I brought up important discussion before deciding to meet him and his son. He said his ex-wife was the past and he will be open and honest. I also said I wanted and imperfect man- well the imperfect man part bit me in the a**. I just know everyone is not perfect, is so we would be here today. GOD did not make us perfect and will make mistakes.

The man I thought was open and honest - full time dad - still in love with his ex-wife. Last week I did not get any phone calls or text. Sunday we had family outing at the Zoo. I texted him to confirm on Saturday if he was still on for the family outing at the Zoo schedule for Sunday. He did not call he text and said he will have to cancel because some personal matters. I text back with a response: What happen to family, I bought ticket to the zoo, are you taking a step back, when you want to reschedule. His response was its kind of personal; let’s just say things are needing attention in my life that came up in the past couple of days. Again sorry. U didn't do anything wrong. From that text, it is his ex-wife. I will take a step back.

He texted me back and said he was sorry and will call me (yeah right). Why would he bring his son life into some other women life? If he calls back which I’m not waiting on, we will have to see but my institution is saying to move on.

I still had a great time Sunday. My little brother and I went to the zoo and movies. I had a good weekend.

We discussed this from the beginning before we meet; was she still in the picture and the open and honest. Is that such a hard thing/request? You live and learn, the good thing I was not deep into this relationship (a month and 12 days).

He said, he want a good woman, that he wants to be wanted and I assure to him I have your back. I was still optmistic because relationship was still new; in result he was not ready to let go of his past.

Shared by marah2448 on 2/23/09


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Dear Friend, You are on the merry-go-round with him, jump off to save your self!!! You are important and Value and Respect yourself, he isn't. He obviously does NOT know what he wants, he wants his cake and to eat it to, he is still in Love with the X. I would not wait around for this dude. You can do better!!! Love and light.


At least your smart enough to see what was going on and decided to do the right thing and move on. I don't know why they call people "ex's" they never are. I would wait before talking to him again. It's seems like he does have past issues he is dealing with and you don't need to get caught up in the middle of that. The best of luck to you :)


Hi Marah,
It's not you, it's him. Don't try to wonder why, just let it go. I know easier said then done, but you're worth more then that. Enjoy life, have fun, focus on your own goals. I just recently heard a quote, "we will not have what we want in life, until we learn to be happy with what we have." If he is hung up on his ex-wife, it is better you know that now. I'm glad you still went to the zoo and had a great time. Shows you are a strong woman! Remember every relationship does teach us something, and the more experience, the better mate in the long run you will pick! Take care, Carlabeau