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Which online dating service, you consider the best? Or I should say match with people are more serious about being in a relationship.


I have myself on two online dating service. One of the services, I have experience the person profile said one thing about the person but upon meeting and dated the person it was different. How are you able to decipher a profile and find out if the person is serious or just trying to get something quick?

Shared by marah2448 on 11/24/08

I am on 2 sites, Plentyoffish which is a free site and Eharmony. 3 years ago I was on Eharmony and met a couple of nice guys, however this time, not so good, I have been on this site for approx 1 month and no hits, and I have a 2 friends who are on EH and no luck either. We all came to the conclusion that people post their profile but are not paid members. Plentyoffish is free, my expectations are not much but at least people do communicate on on that site.

Just my input.


I'm on three sites and I'm not having much luck with any of them. I'm on Match.com, Yahoo Personals, and this free site Plentyoffish.com. I don't think it's the sites that are the problem. There are just a lot of people out there who choose to misrepresent themselves.

In terms of profile vs. intention I agree with everyone else that you have to go with your instincts on that one. You won't always be right, but certain words and catch phrases naturally trigger our red flag feelings. Just pay attention to those. Good luck with your search!


I have tried eHarmony would not recommend this site for anyone serious about seeking a relationship.
At this particular time it appears as if Match.com is running a good 1st place. Followed by Yahoo Personals. I have used a dating coach and she reiterates that these 2 sites are the ones w/ the most activity and eHarmony gets the thumbs down w/ most professionals. It is a 'slick' presentation they have and they spend high dollar amounts for "fluff".
Be very wary of them.
However, there are so many specialized sites to try.
As to attempting to decipher a persons' character from their profile~~
I try to keep an open mind and I listen to my instinct also. I am never wrong if I keep my head and my emotions in check. There are a lot of players and a lot of people who mis-represent themselves.
I always say, go with your instincts not your heart.
The best way to check out a potential date is correspondence online. Perhaps a few phone conversations. But I like to meet as soon as possible. When I meet a person this gives me a better 'feel' for their character and intentions.
Good luck.


Yeah I would do online correspondence at first, to see how "conversation" flows. Make your profile as complete as possible, rather than writing what you think people want to hear and only including generic things like "I'd like to meet someone with a sense of humor...."

  • By aliciak
  • on 11/27/08 10:18 AM EST

I myself have a profile or two set up on different sites. The truth is it is really difficult to tell based on a profile. What I tend to do it exchange phone numbers and text or chat for a while with the person. For instance, I found that out of 10 guys I was talking to, 8 of them would mention sex within two days of actually having a conversation. Right off the bat I knew these were people that I did not want to associate with.

Best advice, take it slow and have a few conversations first. Ask more question than giving more answers. If you truly know what you are looking for the respondents answers should just click.
If you are unsure, then don't set high expectations for your first meeting but rather go at a slow pace.