"I heard you on Oprah and Friends... what a pleasure to feel so connected to someone and their message. Thanks for what you have done." -J.Stanton
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Connecting the heart and mind first


If there is any benefit to online dating it's the chance you get to correspond with someone before you actually meet in person. This gives you the time to ask questions or feel people out a bit and try to determine if there is a mental connection before you test out the chemistry.

Shared by springshine on 4/17/08

Please do not believe everything you hear and read with online dating correspondance. Be smart. be leary, and remember to listen to your gut feeling.. Your intuition will never lie nor harm you--people can. Love and light.


This is what I did 5 years ago, entered the online dating scene. I never once paid for a membership to any one site. Just used the free communication tools. I was a single parent of 14 years at the time and very nervous. Yahoo Personals, is where I met my now current husband of five years. There was just something about his email and his profile that entrigued me from the beginnning. Even though he wanted to meet much sooner than I did...I was being very shy...and causious...we met at McDonalds for coffee. No pics were even exchanged....only emails and IM chat...when his truck pulled into the parking lot next to mine...I knew it was him...and once our eyes met it was wham!....That first date..led to him following me home...and hour and a half away...and from there we talked till 5 am...yes just talked....I sent him home. Our conversation that night was never at a null moment it was like we knew each other for fifty years already...we even finished each others sentences at athat time...one month later we were living together....and 3 months latter he asked me to marry him....but I still made him wait another 4 months...lol...
we married....to this day he will tell you as well as I...there is just something about the other that we can not get enough of....our biggest argument we have ever had in the five years is ...what to have for dinner...or what to do....together we have 5 children..ages 21 to 16....and 6 puppy dogs which we just inhereited one and tis another story....you may find in the adopt a pet section....


I agree with gsotoday. Sometimes we are confident we got a feeling about what this person is just through email and phone. But the truth is while we consider this person as a friend after thousands of email, he might not necessarily think so. And we must always recognize the truth is that he might be also exchange thousands of emails with maybe at least one dozen women (you never know). Sometimes we think we are connected or even attached to that person, he may not be attached to you as you think he is. Maybe his email make you think he is attached, but he may not. After thousands of emails, he may just see you as one of his net friends. Or one of person in msn that he can just stop chatting for good when he feels like he doesn't want to chat anymore. I think ALL women should not get emotionally attached to a person who she never met. I tried online dating 10 years ago - I remember, 1998 when I was working in an Internet venture fund and think match.com is a wonderful Internet venture- and I think the reason I am still single is because I am still using online dating. It is hard to resist this dating site because it is hard to meet someone in real world. But the reality is that match.com's interests is against the interests of its members. I think as a matter as fact, the marketing tactics match.com is doing is only to defeat its purpose. After you met someone, match.com is sending this person 'your latest matches' twice a week to his email box. Match.com is sending all 'new winks' and 'new emails' to this person who you just met and who you are thinking of having a child with him! I like the business model of all social networking site, but I think this type of personal matching really should under more close investigation of if it really work (that's why they put 'it works!!! on their homepage?)


I thought I was connecting my heart and mind first, and although I did find mental and intellectual chemistry, the guy mysteriously stopped all communication after one month of emailing, chatting, and phone calling. Being over 2500 miles away didn't help either.