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Question:How do I feel comfortable about posting a picture of myself?

I use the "my work would frown on it" excuse for not posting. And while that's true, having my picture posted for all to see (read: judge) kind of gives me the creeps. Do I need to get past that?

Fellows that ask for it after a while of email or chat/banter don't really bother me. And some have turned out to be good contacts.

Those that ask for it before anything else happens makes me wonder. Because quite frankly, I don't hear back from them after sending one. Wanting to check out looks before anything--Is that just being a 'guy?'

Asked by FatRatWithIron on 6/18/08 3 Answers»


Have you just not liked any of the photos you have of yourself? One friend got ANOTHER friend (who was a photographer) to take a good photo. It wasn't a professional one, just a really good looking snapshot!

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 8/15/08


There's nothing that irks me more than someone that doesn't post their picture. I think that humans are extremely visual...so what's the problem?

Answered by: itsy_me on 7/14/08


I don't think you should feel pressured to post a picture. The Ying & Yang of the Internet is that you can be anonymous (screenname) or fully profiled (facebook/myspace).

Yes, it's a guy thing– coming from a guy. When it comes to strangers that's the first filter according to varies psychological theories.

Do what makes you comfortable and ignore what guys expect/require. Looks like your filter is working out OK for you:)

Answered by: ChangeHero on 6/19/08
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