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Question:How can I find right person and believ him?

Now so many people cansay that they don't have boyfriend...I can say the same.I met couple men in internet in some dating site. And with one man i am chatting till now...I was honest with him from the beginning but he was not...and now I feel how he cheates me...But I feel as I like him.I don't know what to do. I am tired!!!

Asked by Lyusi17 on 2/6/09 4 Answers»



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Answered by: veartwani on 3/13/13


First of all pray about it and let God lead you in your decision. Only date a person that you would think about marrying, and watch how he treats his mother, grandmother, aunts, family, because that is how he will probably treat you. Just let God lead you in your decision making process, and in you whole life, turn it over to God. He won't take you to it if He is not going to lead you through it.

Answered by: advocate50 on 3/6/09


Lyusi17, I can understand your frustration, that is a good question. I have date men older and recently a man my age - full-time dad- that was also not honest with about his ex-wife. I'm now tired myself. When they what they really want, it's not so, they still do not know what they want. I just happy the guy just was dating ( I meet online myself was for a month and 12 days. I best advise from here on out is to go with your women intiution. I realize now the person you think is the one may tell you everything you want to hear, do everything you want and then there is nothing. Just know this they goal is to sleep with you. I recommend reading this book called " Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey.

In this 21st century, it will challenging to find someone who open and honest and mean it. Do not stay with someone if he is not going to respect you or just to have you for now. I have notice a lot of women are going through the same thing including myself. I say take time for yourself, get out take tennis lessons or hobby you always wanted to do. Do not wait up on a man to be there in this 21st Century.

Answered by: marah2448 on 2/24/09


Three syllables: IN-TU-ITION!!! Trust your intuition. If something in the pit of your stomach is telling you that something is fishy...in more cases than not it is fishy. I know that you want to give this guy a chance and all, it wouldn't be healthy for you to compromise yourself for a cheater. You are worth more than that.

Answered by: TOUCHEARTS7 on 2/12/09
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