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Greg Waldorf

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Beth Roberts

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Alison Roth

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Top 5 Things to Do

1. Be open-minded.

Sometimes, the package you are expecting differs from the one that shows up. Be open to the possibility of dating someone you might not think is your type, and remember that a picture is simply one part of the complete package.

2. Stay safe.

While most people are harmless, you should do everything you can to protect yourself. Always use a dating site’s blind email system, and never give out your phone number until you are absolutely ready. When meeting in person for the first time, tell someone where you are going, and connect with your date in a public place. Keep your wits about you and if anything seems off, trust your instincts.

3. Be patient.

Dating online can be a waiting game. Check your expectations; the realities of online dating aren’t that different from traditional dating. It often takes time to meet someone special that you connect with deeply. But isn’t what you’re hoping for worth the wait?

4. Put your best foot forward.

Take the time and put in the effort to create a catchy profile—after all, you want to meet someone, right? You might not get the responses you’re looking for if those searching can’t get a feel for who you are. Post one of your favorite photos, and make sure the About You section reflects the real you. There’s no sense in pretending to be someone you’re not just because you’re dating online.

5. Keep living your life.

It’s tempting to sit in front of the computer every evening, browsing profiles and checking your email to see if anyone has responded to you. But, resist doing so and get out there. By keeping the focus on the things you love—friends, family, work and activities—you’ll be more fulfilled than any new relationship can make you. When and if you do meet someone special, you’ll be glad to add him or her into your already wonderful life.

Posted: 1/16/08