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Missed Connections Get the Spotlight

While the personals on the online classifieds website Craigslist might not seem like the most classy place to date online, they sure do make for some fun reading when you’re bored at work. One of the most popular sections to look for amusing reading material is the “Missed Connection” section where love-struck men and women write open-ended love notes to people who caught their eye on street corners, subway cars or in the grocery aisle. Here’s one from Los Angeles titled “Trader Joes W4M”:

To the checker who helped me out today.
I swear I have seen you in my dreams.
I didn't catch your name.
You kind of reminded me of John Krasinski from "The Office"
( but better looking )
I might have to go back next Sunday late afternoon
and see if you are working.

The Los Angeles Times has taken this concept one step further with its new online video feature “L.A.  ICU.” Every week a video journalist tracks down an author of one of the posts and interviews them on camera about their missed connection experience. If you live in the Los Angeles area, this might be your chance to find someone out there who’s harboring a crush on you! [Latimes.com]

Posted: 5/14/08