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America's Funniest Dating Videos

America's Funniest Dating Videos

What would happen if YouTube and Match.com went on a date?

It would probably result in something like WooMe TV, one of several sites that are now incorporating videos into their online dating tool arsenal. WooMe allows users to engage in 60-second video introductions and they then have the option of posting the exchange on the site. The result is a bit of self-promotion for the daters and endless fun for the rest of us online voyeurs.

The TechCrunch.com reporter working on this story even got in on the action. "In my own testing, I am often left cracking up after particularly awkward exchanges," he writes about watching the videos.

Perhaps there is also potential for turning these exchanges into online study guides. If you're looking for tips on how to woo an online date, you can observe how the successful daters operate.

Would you be willing to broadcast your online interactions to the world, or is having a profile already too personal? [The Washington Post]

Posted: 9/23/08

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Never in a million bajillion years would I want to broadcast my first encounter with the male kind.


Yeah AliciaK people were laughing at themselves in the videos (the girl who was talking through her bellybutton was definitely not taking this seriously). All the videos I saw sort of know how crazy this concept is.


Interesting idea...anyone can write out a profile but now I guess this gives you a glimpse into how someone would be in person. Which could be either good or bad, I guess!

  • By Karadc
  • on 9/25/08 11:30 AM EST

Yeah, I think a sense of humor is mandatory if you're going to post videos of yourself on a dating website. I'll have to check this out, it definitely sounds entertaining!


Funny at whose expense, though?!? I hope the people submitting them are laughing too...at least it isn't someone else submitting bloopers or something.

  • By aliciak
  • on 9/25/08 11:06 AM EST

This site is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing. Some girl was talking through her belly button? I think people are bored.