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Top 5 Things to Do

Changing your look—whether big or small—comes with equal parts excitement and apprehension. With a little preparation, however, the process becomes a whole lot more fun. Here are a few tips to help you on your way as you create a new image.

1. Evaluate your style.

Before you change your look, assess what is making you want to do so in the first place. Perhaps you want a more modern wardrobe for work or an updated haircut to feel more fashionable. You may love your clothes but want to try the latest youth-enhancing skin serums or some fresh makeup. Try to see yourself and your look objectively and make note of what you feel good about currently, as well as what you want to change.

2. Be a quick study.

Pick up a few magazines, watch shows like “What Not to Wear” and take note of what other people around you are wearing. Ask stylish friends who cuts their hair or how they decide what makeup to wear. You can jot down all your ideas and inspiration in a “look book” to keep you focused as you learn. Develop an eye for overall style and trust your instincts. You’ll start to see what looks good and what doesn’t. Then, you can apply it to your new image.

3. Clean out the clutter.

A style change often means a wardrobe change, and you’ll need to purge your closet. Make three piles. One will be for items that you want to keep. (These should fit well and be in good condition.) Another will be for items that may need mending or tailoring (pants that are too long or shoes that need new soles). The last pile is for items that need to be donated or tossed. (They are too big or small, out of date or just don’t fit the look you are cultivating.) You’ll be surprised at how much you like the things that fit great and feel good, and you’ll have room to improve.

4. Start small.

If you aren’t sure where to begin as you change your look, try some new accessories. A chunky necklace or handsome new watch can update a basic work ensemble. New shoes or a trendy bag can instantly update what you wear every weekend. Even something that seems simple, like a haircut or a new skincare routine, can be completely transforming. Try a few things, and continue to add items here and there over time.

5. Accentuate the positives.

Remember that even though this change is about your exterior, it can’t happen until you’re sold on what’s inside you. Make a list of all your positive traits, and keep them somewhere accessible. Build your confidence from within, let your exterior changes express these. For instance, if you think one of your best characteristics is being brave, try wearing bolder colors. Let your style change reflect the real you.

Posted: 2/8/08

To me there are 2 types of changes. One you want to change out of something you don't like and two you want to try something totally new and out of your circle. Sometimes you can't change one without the other and sometimes one changes the other. Oh what fun you can have with change.

  • By Anonymous
  • on 5/15/08 8:33 PM EST