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Should I Cut my Hair?

I have brown, curly hair. Really curly hair. It’s usually pretty long but it gets so heavy in the summer and I can’t imagine dealing with it this year. I’m thinking of chopping it off completely, but my face is really round and my ears are oddly shaped, so I’m worried a really short cut would make me look like the lost member of the Jackson 5. What do you all think?
It might sound a bit ridiculous to ask you this question, since you only know me as a disembodied voice on this site, but more and more people are doing exactly what I’m doing and asking random people on the internet for advice on changing their look.
People are not only doing this on their personal blogs, but sites are popping up that are entirely devoted to asking people how they should cut their hair. Humanhairstyler.com is just one site that is devoted to letting people create simulations of what they would look like with a different hair style, then allowing people to vote on which ones they think look better. Of course, there’s also Baldlygo.com, in case you’re done with hair entirely and want an outside opinion.
The idea is that when it comes to style, there is strength in the number of opinions that you receive. If 400 people think I should cut my hair, then maybe it is a good idea after all! But of course, you could be intentionally trying to steer me in the wrong direction, and I have no obligation to listen to your advice so this whole exercise might be moot.
So what should I do—cut or don’t cut? [The New York Times]

Posted: 4/17/08

pay attention for what u want....or try some editable snaps to give u a proper concept


HI. It sounds like you are looking for a change in your look. I know for myself that I always investigate hair and makeup changes when in reality I am unhappy with my body. It might be worth just sitting with the question for a while and seeing what comes up for you..."what do I really want to change and what do I really want?"

  • By k8lynch
  • on 3/10/11 4:09 PM EST

If you've had long hair for a very long time and you're not sure about the short 'do', why not get it shortened in stages. That way you'll be able to determine what the best length is without enduring the misery of a really bad 'too short' haircut.

  • By cap123
  • on 1/8/10 12:15 AM EST

Why ask anyone? Only you know if you want a change. Besides, other people really do not care. They are thinking about their own hair!

  • By chrisco
  • on 11/4/09 3:57 PM EST

I cut my hair about a month ago and went brown and I love it. Everyone tells me I look ten years younger. My hair before was long without bangs and had highlights and I'm 46. My stylist cut my hair in an inverted bob at my chin along with straight bangs. I no longer have to blow my hair for an hour to dry it! It is the best hair cut I've ever had and the color is perfect for me. Go for it!!

  • By Cswartz
  • on 11/20/08 6:02 PM EST

I think it's a personal choice for you. If you think that you need to ask perfect strangers if you should cut your hair, then I don't think you need to. I suggest seek the advice of those that know and love you. They will better be able to let you know what haircut would suit your personality and lifestyle.


hi I thimk if you want to cut your hair you should, but only do it if it's what YOU wish to do. My hair is really thick and it is hell in the summer months so I used to shave off the under side and that kept my head a whole lot cooler. Also up until recently I had shoulder length hair I got it cut and everyone said how it suited me.

  • By ratula8
  • on 4/18/08 7:40 PM EST