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Invent Your Best Life

Invent Your Best Life

The best way to live the most extraordinary life is to learn about the unique and distinct you. Plato's "phrase, 'know yourself,'…is truly the key to a great life," says motivational speaker, Jay Forte. It is only through understanding your talents, values and passions that you start making the best choices for you, rather than living someone else's life.


To help you invent your best life, Forte recommends the following:


1. List what you do well.

2. List what you love doing.

3. Identify the places in your world that allow you to use what you do well and love to do. It may be in where you live, how you live, what you do for work, whom you connect with, what message you communicate, what wisdom you have and so on.


"If Emeril Lagasse were a bus driver, we'd never know what a great chef he is," Forte reminds us. What talent or passion are you not bringing to the world? Stop letting others direct you. You own yourlife.


Read Jay Forte’s entire blog post on the gift of choice.

Posted: 4/6/10
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