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Sell Your Home NOW

Sell Your Home NOW

To get the most for your home, and sell it fast, avoid the most common pitfalls encountered by home sellers. Teri B. Clark, author of 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought, lists the top three mistakes and how to avoid them:
1. Listing with an agent before home staging. Agents suggest prices based on what they see. If your house feels spacious, looks clean, and has that extra pizzazz—all of which a professional stager helps to accomplish—then your agent will suggest a higher asking price.

2. Leaving the house completely empty. If you have to move before you sell, rent a few things to help the buyer see the potential of each room. At a minimum, stage the kitchen, living room and master bedroom, and add some pretty touches to bathrooms.

3. Reducing your price too quickly. Provided your house is priced similarly to others in the area, don't assume that because it doesn't sell right away, you need to drop the price. Instead, consider what might be turning off potential buyers. Walk through other homes in the area that are for sale. How does your house compare?
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Posted: 3/24/10
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