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"...the beauty of the model is that they can do well by doing good." -Cory
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This Stuff Is Important

This Stuff Is Important

There's a lot we don't know about our stuff. What resources were used up to make it? How much time and energy do we spend organizing it and working to pay for it, not to mention shopping for it? And where does it go when we're done with it? The Story of Stuff project answers these questions and more in an eye-opening look at the real costs of our consumer-driven culture.

Learn while being entertained. Visit the web site. Watch the video. It's a must see. Annie Leonard, who created it, has been featured on CNN, The Colbert Report, MSNBC, and is creating a real buzz. She spent 10 years of her life researching and asking questions about how our stuff is made—iPods, clothes, food—and what's the real impact of the manufacturing processes for all our stuff.

If you want to feel informed, educated and also entertained as this is incredibly well done, watch the video and send it around. You will feel smarter and can make some changes in the way you buy and dispose of stuff as well. This is a global change we all need to become part of soon.

Posted: 3/21/10
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