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Entrepreneurship Turned Inward

Entrepreneurship Turned Inward

Taking care of the "business" of our lives is as worthy an investment as any other. As part of this investment, executive and life-transition coach, Barbara Waxman, advises her clients to develop an intention practice that begins every morning upon awakening. "It is really quite simple and takes just a minute or two," says Waxman. It goes like this:
- Before getting out of bed, spend a moment of gratitude for the potential inherent in every new day. Take a deep cleansing breath.
- Set an intention (or two) for the day. This is not your to-do list. It is a reflection of who and how you want to be today. For example, I want to really listen and be present today. (One client set this intention and wound up in an unlikely conversation in line at the grocery store. Something the person said sparked a thought that led to the development of his now successful company.)
- At night, before going to sleep, review the day and learn from it. Don't judge, learn.
- Try this practice for at least two weeks and see what shifts take place. It can be powerful.
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Posted: 3/10/10
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Great article, Mrs. Waxman! I've been using these tactics for 10 beautifully-blessed years now and counting. I've discovered that your morning "affirmations" coincide perfectly with your daily "to-do" list--putting more drive and focus behind your execution. Good stuff.

Inner Peace, Eternal Love, and Abundant Blessings!

Lyfa Lee Zhure, the Professional "Chiller"